The PhD Chronicles: Share & Share Alike

The cohort has many advantages and I've increasingly grown to appreciate how it has positively impacted my learning.  Having always been in a program by myself, I did not realize just what kinds of opportunities happen when you are part of a community of learners engaged in a seriously challenging task.  Of course, I should have realized this given what I do know about learning, but not having the chance to experience it first hand left me out in the wind about how powerful it can be.

As the cohort solidifies and members learn more and more about one another, we've become a place of sharing a lot of different things.  We have limited time and yet, we take time to share--a lot.  Some of the things that we share?

  • Job leads
  • Humor we can commiserate in.
  • Relevant research & news for each others' interests
  • Celebrations (birthdays, new jobs, promotions, progress in the program)
  • Learning strategies
  • Learning resources
  • Writing strategies
  • Strategies for approaching professors
  • Network leads
  • Feedback we've received on papers to help others learn more.
  • Feedback and tips on resumes, cover letters, and applications for different opportunities.
  • Challenges and personal setbacks that we hit along the way.

This is, of course, pretty normal for any group as it becomes familiar and knows one another more.  But I am just appreciative that this particular group of cohort members does it so damn well!

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