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Dissertation Update: Getting Through Chapter 4

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes It's been a while--both since I posted (just under 2 months--yikes!) and since my last update on my dissertation progress  (for newer readers, you can check out the full series on my PhD here ). In the six months since I last wrote about this, things continued to progress--though, of course, never at the speed I want them to.  But such is the case both because life happens and other decisions I make.  Still, I'm excited about where I am. Image Source:  Karsten W├╝rth Let's recap 2023! The first half of 2023 was digging into the data, exploring it and getting the contours of the data after collecting the interviews and transcribing them in late 2022.  In my methodology, phenomenography, there is a bit of reading through the transcripts holistically to get a full sense of what's in the data and then moving into finding differences in the experiences of participants (relating to the research questions).  What I'm doing is building out w