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Recent Talks on Generative AI & Job-Seeking

Estimated Reading Time: 25 minutes Recently, I was asked to give some talks on the role of generative AI in the job-search for Endicott College and Northeastern University. I had higher hopes for them being more dynamic and richer in the live session but unfortunately, they both happened while I had COVID, which limited my usual ability to bring the energy that I like to have in these. Still, I believe there are things here that folks can find helpful--whether they are job-searching themselves or helping others. There continues to be a lot going on in generative AI and education. Less about the fact that people are using it and more about how they are using it and how we can think about navigating student and staff usage of these tools. Since I last posted about my work, there's been a couple new and exciting things that have happened including being interviewed for this article , being name-dropped in Forbes , being a guest on the Future Trends Forum with Bryan Alexan

This is 44!

Estimated Reading Time: 15.5 minutes So it's that time again. On my birthday each year, I share out about the year and think about what is ahead. This is apparently year #7 and you can see the others below. 38 39 40 41 42 43 Let's start with some of the miscellaneous details I've collected over the years here, shall we? Home :  Cranston, RI Relationship status :  Married (9+ years) Cats Owned :  2 (Bear and Pumpkin) Other Pets :  1 mud turtle (MJ, 37'ish years old) Degrees earned : 5 (3 masters, 1 bachelor, 1 associate) Degree working on :  PhD in Higher Education Credits Completed Toward Dissertation : 72 out of 72. Reading since Sept 2022 :  302 (Latest reads can always be found on  Goodreads ) Work : Director of Faculty Development & Innovation at College Unbound (full-time)  Teaching courses at  North Shore Community College Consulting, Facilitator, Speaker Weight :   244 pounds Longest Distance Run This Year :  10 miles (8/26/2023) Fastest Pace This Year :  8:5