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Recent Keynote: The Questions to Be AIsking

Estimated Reading Time: 45 minutes ( yeah, it's a long one! ) So I recently did a keynote talk at Husson University. As is my open-access practice when I get such opportunities, I'm not a fan of making something that is just used once.  So here is it is!  I'll be doing a video soon but in the meantime, enjoy .    I also did something different with the resources and did an annotated slide deck with my talk and resources .   The talk went decent and they seemed to appreciate it. Unfortunately, my timing wasn't right, even though I practiced, so I ended up stopping at the 2/3 mark so we could get questions.  This is where providing the annotated slide deck with my comments made me feel better so that they could still access what I had to say and the related content if they wanted to learn more and hear more.  Still, it was a bit of a rookie mistake that I'll need to do better with going forward.   Introduction Hi folks, I’m so glad to be here in community with you an