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Supporting the Adjunct Addiction

I don’t want to call it an addiction; because honestly, I can walk away whenever I want.  But I realized that to support my predilection for adjuncting full time, I’ve assembled a range of jobs that help me keep doing what I enjoy.  In other words, I have jobs that help support my full-time job.  Granted, I’m not in the stuck in the situation of those full-time Wal-Mart employees who still qualify discounted state-funded healthcare, but I do find that in order to keep everything flowing smoothly, I hold onto several other jobs and am constantly keeping an eye on potential jobs to fill the gaps (for both current teaching and non-teaching gigs).  But really, I can walk away whenever I want.   In total, I am employed by 10 places (5 colleges; 1 residential program, 4 publications).  Over several years, I’ve synergized my various skills, interests, and goals so that my jobs overlap or help one another.  For instance, some of my writing includes reviewing audiobooks.  The reviews themselv

Interview with Gareth Hinds

I encountered Gareth Hinds several years back when I first started doing graphic novel reviews.  A graphic rendition of King Lear by Hinds came across my desk and I rather enjoyed it.  Shortly thereafter, I learned that Hinds was a local artist in the greater Boston area.  At the time, I was creating a roundtable discussion of several people involved in the comics industry for an even at North Shore Community College and his name instantly popped into mind.  Since then, Hinds has gone on to publish Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice as well as most recently, a wonderful graphic adaptation of The Odyssey.  He has been kind enough to be interviewed for this blog.  EATON :  So you’ve done Beowulf, King Lear, Merchant of Venice and now The Odyssey.  What pulls you to do the classics?  What do you feel you can add to them by putting them in comic form? HINDS :  This question could cover a lot of ground, but let's just say that I want to work with the best writers around, and