About the Blog


So why blog? It's true, there's definitely an attention whore in me that enjoys the idea of people reading/paying attention to something I do but I don't think that will get me particularly far. In reality, this blog is a place of exploration for me.  It's an opportunity for me to reflect on things that I'm doing (such as running, reading, edumacating) or new projects and challenges I'm interested in.  I also love the idea of a dialogue with any and all that stop by this blog.  I wish I could say the blog had a specific purpose, but it has morphed regularly over the years from something I use with my students, to somewhere I post miscellaneous thoughts to somewhere I post updates on my projects.  That's part of why I like the blog because it is such a flexible space and I take full advantage of that.  

I don't anticipate much of what I write to be profound. It's more a mixture of observations, experiences, thoughts, reviews, and ideas that I feel like putting into words. I also don't think all of what I say will be set in stone, but more like a launching point for discussing the topic. I'm channeling my thoughts but with hopes that others will channel theirs and through that, learning and growth will occur. It sounds a lil wishy-washy, sure. But it's how I've come to enjoy the most rewarding experiences. That being said, if you read something here that grabs your attention, I encourage you to comment, email, or share out the post with others.  

Connecting With the Blog

If you want to connect with this blog and readership (all 3 of them), I invite you to contact me and discuss what ideas you have in mind.  I'm game for link-swapping, cross-promotions, cross-blogging, or other interesting ideas if you think we have common audiences who might be interested.  

Commenting On This Blog

I really welcome comments.  I value the different views and ideas shared through dialogue.  The only reason I will delete a comment is if it falls into one of the following categories:
1.  Blatant spam.
2.  Blatantly incendiary and provocative without a clear purpose (e.g. just posting a litany of swears, insults, etc). 

Otherwise, I'm usually open to what people have to say.  I would prefer to keep things respectful and should something cross over in ways that I find are unacceptable, I'd do my best to address it first before deleting the comment.

The Blogger

A headshot of Lance Eaton.

Then there's me, Lance Eaton, the blogger.  I'm a white, cisgender, bisexual 40-something-year-old living in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts, US.  I work in higher education in the realm of instructional design/faculty support as well as a part-time instructor (teaching literature, interdisciplinary studies, and history).  I am also a writer (beside the blog, I write for several publications including AudioFile as a reviewer). Beyond that, I have a diverse background of working online, in nonprofit, and education.  For more about my experiences and such, feel free to check out my LinkedIn.  Additionally, I have accumulated degrees in History, Criminal Justice, American Studies, Public Administration, and Instructional Design.  Currently, I'm in the dissertation phase of a PhD in higher education with a focus on academic piracy.  Feel free to find more about me on my website, LanceEaton.com.