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Dissertation Update: We Have a Draft!!!

Estimated Reading Time: minutes Hey folks--we...ok, I have a draft of my dissertation.   No cheering yet!  It's a draft, it needs work--hell, it needs cleaned-up citations and some places to update, tighten, rearrange, and all the things. But, I have a draft, finally that includes all 5 chapters and that's a big milestone.   When last I shared, I was working away at Chapter 4 . It was going smoothly--as I said, it was one of the easiest chapters to write (not "easy" but easiest compared to the others).  Chapter 5, doubly so. In fact, it took me about a month to write a 8000+ word draft.   So let's dig into these drafts a little bit.   I used this whiteboard to capture daily tallies of writing On Writing Chapter 4 In writing, Chapter 4 took about four months; in reality, the chapter took 10 months. Summer and fall of 2023, I worked on the analysis. I did a lot of deep diving into the data to create the categories of description and dimensions of variation (these a