Dissertation Journal #7: QP Revised Edition

Ok, I just submitted my revised Qualifying Paper.  It got "Accepted with revisions to my chair" back in January and the due date of about 2 weeks.  I submitted it and am feeling relatively good about it. 

After I got it back, I met with my advisor and he encouraged me to write down some of the big elements/ideas of the paper down.  From there, he told me to select what I feel are the 5 most relevant pieces of this subject I'm studying.  Next, I should pick what are the top 1-2 elements and then do the hard part--make a decision about where I want my emphasis to be.  So my QP had great content, I covered ample literature, but my problem was out of focus.  Therefore, I needed to decide just what was I going to focus on.  I ended up determining that it was useful for me to understand what impact my problem was having on scholars as they look to acquire research.  This helped me refocus the paper and put the emphasis throughout on how scholars have experienced the change in access to research.  

The draft is not perfect but it's becoming clearer just what it is that I'm looking at.  

This time around was a lot less stressful as I felt the support of my advisor and that this was not a make-or-break-it moment, but really, just an opportunity to further refine before moving forward.  In revising the paper, I had some amusing moments where I realized just how badly I had edited it in terms of grammar and punctuation.  (Something, I'm sure readers of this blog know plenty about--I can produce but I can't always write well).  So the re-read reminded me that I'm going to really need to call on my friends for some peer-editors as I move forward.  

Let's take a look at this paper's evolution.  Note that the links below are to the papers in Google Docs--you're welcome to click through and even comment on the document if you are so interested.  

Title page of the Qualifying Paper in Google Docs

Rough (downright ugly) Draft - 12-18-2017

I referred to this as the SUPER UGLY draft--a draft that I had trouble even calling a draft because it was so incomplete.  But, it is what I submitted.  

Submitted Draft - 1-5-2018

This was what I submitted and it is indeed still needing some more polish.  Look for my poor use of the word "excrete" and several sentences that are missing something--such as a verb, sense, or intelligence.  

Revised Draft - 2-6-2018

It's still not perfect but does have a clearer focus and hopefully, less grammatical errors (maybe?).  

I feel like there's good progress between the submitted and the revised draft, and that's what I need to just keep doing as I move forward.  Cleaning up, focusing on more specifics, and restructuring the whole as necessary.  I'm looking forward to the next steps and since completing QP, I feel there has been a significant stress lifted from my shoulders.  Onward and upward!

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