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The COVID Aftermath

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes Back in mid-September, my COVID ticket finally got punched--2.5 years was a good run.  It was inevitable.  Not because it had to happen but because it had been a long time since my partner, I, my place of employment, my family--nearly everyone--decided to give up on navigating a world where we took care to remember the most vulnerable are left to have to do all the extra labor of caring and protecting.  It's a very common and unfortunate way we exist and something that lots of folks with disabilities of all sorts know all too well. And COVID knocked me on my ass.  I started to really notice symptoms on a Thursday, but in hindsight realized there were symptoms 2-3 days before that I hadn't realized or just assumed were other things. As Thursday turned into Friday, it was evident that I was sick but the first and second tests I took showed negative results. By the end of Friday, I was full chills, aches, brain fog/headaches, and just utterly mise

Recent Publication: 10 Ways Technology Leaders Can Step Up and In to the Generative AI Discussion in Higher Ed

Estimated Reading Time: minutes While my Substack, AI+Edu=Simplified is the place where I share thoughts and developing work on generative AI in education, I still look to use this blog as a curation space for publications elsewhere that I can pull into one place, namely under the category, " Other Publications '.  So even when there are publications related to generative AI, they are going to be mentioned here as well.   In this case, it's a collaborative piece that I wrote after a webinar I did back in April.  It was one of those pieces that came together very quickly and clearly in that I was able to get a good chunk of it together and decided to see if the person hosting the event (Stan Waddell) also wanted in on the work.  Very quickly, we put together this piece of advice to tech leaders around how to support their institutions.   You can read the full article in the EDUCAUSE Review:  10 Ways Technology Leaders Can Step Up and In to the Generative AI Discussion in