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MIA In Summer

So for those that have noticed--or most likely, haven't noticed till I actually made note of it; I haven't been as up-to-date with my blog as I have been in the past.  Summer has been good to me in many ways--giving me some much needed down time from teaching the crazy course load that I usually handle, but still rather taxing in the intellectual department. I've been working on several writings for various publications including articles for book publications, entries for encyclopedias and other reference type material.  So my mind has been focused in part on audiobooks, monsters, and comics (or some mix thereof--though truth be told, we know my mind is often on these subjects even when not writing about them).  In addition, I have been teaching a few summer courses (take what I can get--and in this case, it's a nice catch:  American Literature I, World Literature I, and The Horror Story).   To add more fuel to the fire, I have also been working on personal projects