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The Updates #28

Estimated Reading Time: 17 minutes Week 28 of the updates and life is bussssssy! Dissertation Very slow progress but hopefully that ends this week as I finish grand jury duty.  124 days until July 1 (goalposts moved from June 1 to July 1 for realistic expectations). Happy to Chat Bench Work I did a webinar for NERCOMP about ChatGPT and AI-generative tools with an audience of over 170 people which is one of the bigger crowds I've talked to in my work. I circled back and made a video recording for folks that want to learn about what I covered here:   AI Generative Tools and Teach - A Look at the Landscape (35:20 minutes). I also did a talk for the Rhode Island Career Development Association and then recorded it: ChatGPT, AI Generative Tools and Your Career: Parallels, Possibilities, and Problems (27:40 minutes). So, my class is winding down, and I'm excited about that. It's been really interesting to work with the students over the last 8 weeks. As we learned and thought a

Tricky Interfacing or Tricking Interfaces

Estimated Reading Time: 11 minutes minutes I wrote this essay back in early 2020 and it was published on a website that is no longer available (though I did blog about it here ). I figured I'd share it here since the conversation around AI has resurged with a vengeance and I've certainly been engaged in the conversation . Tricky Interfacing or Tricking Interfaces: The Future of Education Is Learning To Navigate the Robot Gatekeepers Anticipating the future of education is a fun game because it never fails to find endless examples that tell us by 2020, education was going to look completely different. Everyone would have a tablet empowered with a personalized learning environment to guide people to new knowledge, skills, and of course, income. If it wasn’t tablets, then it was definitely going to be Massively Open Online Courses (a.k.a. MOOCs) that would lead people to binge-upskill like making their way through the latest season on their favorite streaming service. Let’s not

The Updates #27

Estimated Reading Time: 17 minutes Week 27 of  the updates  and I'm now doing this biweekly! Dissertation Ok, getting back into the groove. I sat down and dug back into the data and revisited my notes on phenomenographic analysis.   108 days until June 1 Work Roger Williams Zoo - Bald Eagle It's been hard to get into a strong rhythm with work and most of it feels like trying to patchwork things. While jury duty is still just half-days mostly, it takes a toll on disrupting the day and making things hard to get deep into. However, this past week, I got a cold which wasn't ideal (thanks again 2023 for keeping things interesting) but it did create circumstances for me to catch up. When I get a cold, as soon as I realize it, if I can, I spend that day sleeping and drinking LOTS of fluids. I find if I do this, it means day 2 of the cold, I've lost the brain fog or most of the worst symptoms and am left with just congestion and running/stuffy nose. So I did that this Tuesda