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Librivox Part 1: Free Horror MP3 Audiobooks Galore

In a previous series, I talked about all the free ebooks you can get on the Kindle , include an entire assortment of Horror, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy .  But as many people know, I'm an avid audiobook fan .  For this series of posts, I'm going to cover a whole archive of free audiobooks, brought to you by the site, Librivox with particular attention to horror, science-fiction and fantasy. Librivox is an amazing site that is entirely run by volunteers.  People find works that are in the public domain and create narrations for those works.  The collection continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  It is filled with a lot of great material for your listening enjoyment or even to use in teaching.  All of them are downloadable as MP3 and free to use.  Each entry has some background information, a CD cover you can print out, and the options to download individual chapters or stories or the entire collection as a Zip file.   With the listings herein, I've done a variety of s