Day 1, Semester 9: The Final Friday Countdown

Here we are.  Our 9th semester with some 16 courses completed (48 credits) and we arrive for the first of our Fridays for the final cohort course.  There are some more courses after this--a few more electives, but this begins the final countdown of Friday courses and you can bet your damn ass that I'm counting down every one of them!

The nervousness of the QP has mostly passed; though I'm concerned about the amount of revisions I need to do.  Once I get past that, then deadlines are self-selected and at least a year off--that being the dissertation proposal.    

I get to class and settled in so that I can set up Zoom for a cohort member that can't physically join us.  As our cohort trickles in, we exchange hugs of congratulations and support.  We get settled in and start the final cohort class.  It's somewhat fitting that we are ending with one of the same instructors that we started with our first June session.   We get to work unpacking our experiences with the QP and what we see we need to do moving forward.

After class, I meet with my advisor and we talk about my QP revisions.  The biggest problem is that my scope is too wide, which he says is the best of all problems to have.  He looks at the feedback with me and helps me to understand that the content is solid but it's the framing that needs help, or as I put it, "everything's in the shot, but it's out of focus."  He gives me some ideas on how to recalibrate the and prpeare it for the revisions.  It's a good meeting that I feel gives me what I need to move forward.

Old Clock

And with that, I finish the first day of the last Friday semester.  Only 14 or less to go.  

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