The PhD Chronicles: Dissertation Journal #4

So while I had hoped to work that this journal regularly, that clearly hasn't been the case.  Oh well, there are so many hours in a day/week, right and when you're juggling full-time work, part-time work, a PhD program self-care, and social time, somehow, such things just don't happen as they should.  But that doesn't mean I'm not still trying to think about it and jot down ideas here and there.  

This June, we start the process of developing what is likely to become our dissertation and have had our first few meetings with the professor that will be ushering us into the process during the semester.  Based on those meetings, I feel like I'm in a good place.  He gave us a set of questions to write about and reflect based upon what we think we currently want to do and so that will be the crux of this journal entry.  

However, in taking after a good friend and mentor of mine, I'm going to start to make this an open process where people are invited to comment and give feedback as I develop my ideas.  While people can comment in the blog section here, I like the idea that people can tag their comments to specific questions, making the text more interactive and helping both the commenter and myself clarify what area we are discussing.  
Word cloud in the shape of a word balloon.

So here is link to a Google Doc wherein if you want, you can read and even comment.  I promise, when relevant to respond.  

In case you are wondering what I'll be answering but don't wanna click through, here are the questions:
  1. What is my dissertation project about?
  2. Why am I conducting this dissertation topic?
  3. Why should anyone care about my subject? What is my big point?
  4. What is the big picture, the context or the conditions that make it important for me to pursue this topic?
  5. When I am finished with the project, what is the one point that I want to leave with my readers? Which three subpoints do I want to convey to my audience?
  6. Which theories or methodologies will I use to research my topic? Why is that the appropriate theory or method?
  7. What data, sources, texts, or objects are most appropriate for me to work with? Do I have access to them? Do I need to collect them?
  8. What will be the contribution or implications of my dissertation?
  9. How does this topic align with my professional mission and career goals?

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