The PhD Chronicles: Completing the Second Semester

Papers are passed in and my brain is a sludgy mess.  But that's ok, because that's what I wanted, right?  I said that I wanted a program that was going to push me and make me feel like my brain has been sent through a blender--sooooo, mission accomplished?!?!?

It is accomplished and there is no real need for the question mark.  The course work challenged me and pushed me to think and learn a lot.  It became intense at times as I juggled working, the program, running, writing, running a session of Changing Lives Through Literature, presenting at conferences and other activities into the semester.  It was a lot and probably more than I should do, but it is hard to say no to things that you enjoy so much.  
#braindead #brended (ok, bren ded is when I don't properly pronounce the #diphthong in brain dead - the tongue is not comprehend) and yes I did say DIPHTHONG. Save me @iamfiz @jadesimian
Right now--despite my brain in a gooey state, I am content with the semester.  I'm happy with what I did for my final projects and particularly for my Access and Equity course, I feel it will give me some good material to work with as I move forward and look to understand the impact of the digital divide on the open educational resources movement.  I've found some interesting resources and it gives me a good starting place for my potential future dissertation.  My History of Higher Education project may not be entirely related to my future work, but I also feel I had fun with it, found it interesting to explore the different themes in the Wellesley News during 1918-1920, and it certainly fits in with some of my work in general around media and popular culture studies.  

In total, I felt that the semester pushed me, taught me, and encouraged me, despite the challenges I faced along the way.  I believe I accomplished a lot in terms of developing as a practitioner-scholar while also growing in other ways outside of the program.  So here's to the end of one semester, a break, and the start of another!

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