The PhD Chronicles: The Balancing Act

Unlike the summer session, wherein it's basically the program straight for three weeks, this semester is a little more challenge to navigate.  The work is just as hard and engaging, but it's dispersed over the semester with us meeting each Friday.  So determining a rhythm is a bit of a challenge, not just for me or others in the cohort, but for the instructors as well, especially with our larger than usual group.

Finding the right rhythm was challenged by the fact that all of us impact each other.  The professors had trouble settling into working with thirteen students as opposed to the usual six to eight.  This impacts what we do in class, how much content we cover and whether we're able to hit everything we want.  This disruption to a steady pace also made reading in the first month, though now challenging because it wasn't entirely clear what we were reading for.  Yes, we know the course and we will read the content, but what frames or takeaways we should be getting from the readings has only recently been made more clear.

But now that we're in the final third of the semester, I'm pretty sure I've got a grasp of what is essential and what is not, what to look for, and what to ignore.  That's good because I can only anticipate that the final third of this semester is going to be nearly consumed with the final projects.  

Oh what fun!  

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