17 Things About Audiobooks that You Might Not Have Known

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A slide with the cover to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on it, along with a cartoon-version of Lance saying "Apparently, the answer wasn’t 42; it was AUDIOBOOKS!".
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To any reader of this blog, you must know that I simply adore audiobooks.  A lot.  I listen to hundreds a year and convert many folks to listening to them.  And for really long-time readers, you know that June Is Audiobooks Month--something that I seem to intermittently celebrate with some post or another about audiobooks.  Past entries have included capturing the full experience of listening to audiobooks, my love of listening to literature, and new terms I have come up with for audiobooks.  There was also the series I did a few years ago now where I looked at the different kinds of audiobooks you could find on Librivox (Note to self: update those posts--it's been a while!):
So here we are again and yes, I have another fun post to share about audiobooks in this month of June. At my current work, they do a "Festival of Ideas"-- a two-day event where people share what they are working on and also share outs of things that might be interesting to the community.  I decided that one thing I could share with the community is my love of audiobooks and, in particular, some of the more fascinating ways one can think about audiobooks beyond just enjoy endless hours of storytelling.

My talk was accepted as a lightning talk--a 5-minute talk.  That, of course, was a challenge, much like when I did the Public Dollar Lightning Talk.  But I was up for the challenge and really enjoyed organizing my thoughts.  Since I had created it for the festival, I realized that it was also something fun that I could share out with others. 

You're welcome to watch it and if you have thoughts, please leave some comments here or on my YouTube Channel!  The video is just under 6 minutes so I didn't quite make it under 5, but I think you'll enjoy it, nonetheless.

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