It finally happened...I started a Substack on AI & Education

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Don't hate--I know, it feels cliche and late to game to start a Substack--especially have been such a loyal user for blogger for over 12 years and 2000 posts!  But don't worry--I'm still sticking around here!

A human and a humanoid robot sit opposite each other at a table.  there's neon lining in the background.  The two appear in discussion.
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Prompt: “human and robot sitting at a table across from
each other in noir style with a neon aspect to it”

I am starting a substack called AI+Edu=Simplified and I'm also continuing with By Any Other Nerd. 

Why run 2 writing platforms?  Well, I've been posting lots of AI stuff here and while it's normal for me to focus on different topics/projects in this blog, I think the work I'm doing around generative AI is substantial and ongoing enough that creating a different space for that is necessary.  

What I like about By Any Other Nerd is its eclecticness.  It's a my wonderful hodgepodge of things big and small in my life.  I like that I've used it as a place to work through the passing of a parent, a place to think about the passing of each year, discuss my experience with jury duty, and even my growing appreciate for cold showers.

So yes, I will continue with the regular mixture of things that you've grown to expect here.  But the Substack will focus more on the generative AI stuff.  You can learn more about what I plan to do by reading the first post.  Of course, I hope you'll subscribe to that and I do anticipate there will be occasional cross-postings when it makes sense.  

But never fear, By Any Other Blog is here to stay but maybe a little less AI content in the future.  

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