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 It happened again. Someone wrote something and I had some thoughts that I decided to respond with; we know the deal!  In this case, it happened at Inside Higher Ed, a news site that focuses on higher education.   

"In a recent blog post, Matt Reed raises concerns about gas prices and their impact on the majority of students on physical campuses (that is, commuter students).  This is a real concern and one that I was thinking about back in the early part of the 2010s when I first started developing and teaching hybrid flexible courses.

Before the pandemic made it obvious to all, my concerns focused on the fact that there are real barriers to getting to campus that will continue to multiply. Students who have been marginalized will also feel the effects the most.  Gas prices, natural and unnatural disasters, and pandemics are some of the ways that disruption will continue to occur."

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This was one of those posts that just sprung into me as soon as I read the original post.  I have heard conversations recently where folks see the fall as "normal"--something that seems to move forward without reflecting on what has happened the last few years and determining what can we curate from that experience.  And, if I'm being honest, I find that a bit frustrating because we had students show up (literally and metaphorically) in ways they hadn't been able to do so previously and I can only ask, why are we deciding to leave that behind?

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