Review: Writing for Audio

Writing for Audio Writing for Audio by Katie O Connor
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This was a quick and dirty exploration of the topic that doesn't go into a lot of depth. It felt like a throw-away work for Audible ultimately that could have a lot more potential but seemed to just be put out to be put out.  Is it worth the listen?  Sure, there are a few tips and insights to consider if you are looking to write for a listening audience (or even if writing text but anticipating an audio adaptation of some sort). Some of it is to be mindful of the speaking tags (he said, she said) or think about how to make the sound more evident in your writing or how actions, personalities, etc can be translated into sound.  O'Connor interviews a handful of authors who have written Audible Originals, sharing brief snippets with each and while entertaining, I feel like it served more as a teaser than getting into a deeper conversation amongst the different writers about their craft or considering that "audio" could also mean different audiences.  I would recommend it cause it's light and quick and might trigger an idea or insight, but it doesn't feel like it holds up much for those who have already been thinking about or writing with a listening audience in mind.

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