Recent Publication: The New LMS Rule

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Last week, a very cool thing happened.  An essay that I wrote got published in the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy was published.  The title, link, and abstract are below:

This piece reflects on the asymmetrical power balance between students and instructors in any given learning management system by considering what it would look like if students had the same level of data access as instructors and how that might impact instructor practices. The piece also explores how the author as an instructional designer and instructor has perpetuated some of the more problematic LMS practices when it comes to data tracking. Finally, the article proposes that it is in higher education’s best interest to rethink LMSs by rethinking access and open the ability for students to have more control of their data as one means of improving the overabundance of surveillance in modern society.

I have been getting some really good feedback and conversation as a result of the piece on social media and through several folks whom I did not know.  

I really enjoyed writing this piece and thinking about how my views on learning management systems have changed over the years. I feel like I have a follow-up essay exploring just the term "learning management system".  I also liked to see the evolution of an essay that evolved over the span of two years.  I feel like I refined my argument better and had a stronger grip on how I wanted to explore the subject.  I was also glad that the journal gave me an opportunity to do that with the series "Views from the Field."  I have another piece coming up on this blog about being an instructional designer for a decade that I hope will further explore some of these ideas that I share here.  

In the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this piece.  Did you enjoy it?  What concerns do you have about using educational technology?  

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