Review: Sea of Rust

Book cover of Sea of Rust by C Robert Cargill
Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The future is robots and humanity is all but gone. Robots eventually grew sufficient intelligence and realized that humans would inevitably be their downfall. In the aftermath, of humanity's devastation though, robots too have become subject to rivalries and factions. Two unified AI entities have been dueling for years now, attempting to scoop up the remaining individual robots, while those surviving individual robots fight amongst each other for remaining robot parts as their bodies continue to decay. It's a fascinating set up for a story and we walk through this world with Brittle, a robot scavenger who finds robots in their final days and offers to help, only to shut them off and sell their parts. But now, her parts are showing decay and that's only amplified when a nemesis of hers ambushes her and does further harm. She manages to escape but that's really just the start of the adventure. Brit needs parts but before she can get everything she needs, one of the AI systems raids the settlement she is recovering at. She finds herself part of a ragtag group of robots, including her nemesis trying to escape and also trying to find a possible way to get the parts they need to live another day. Cargill gives readers a fun novel with some fascinating considerations about the future of robots, artificial intelligence, and humanity. It's a bit superficial in its execution of robots--they end up feeling entirely human though he does try to position that as a result of good programming and logical processing but it can still feel like this is post-apocalyptic future with humans disguised as robots.

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