Stranger Days #50: Next Phase

A chalkboard with scrabble letters that spell out "Stranger Days"
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Welcome to stranger days--my blog series exploring daily life, challenges in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and just sharing insights or thoughts about how to make it through these days.  

Well, it's snowing in May in New England, so yes, things continue to get stranger.  This is the 50th entry in this series which means I've been doing it for 50 days.  I'm glad that I have been able to keep this up and just capture different elements about life during the pandemic--at least for me.  From emails and comments I have received from readers, others too have shared their experiences or responses to my prompts at the end of many of these posts; I appreciate that I'm not the only one with some of these thoughts.  

There's so much to capture and explore about life right now, that I don't think I can run out of topics but I do seem to be running a bit out of steam in trying to get out a post every day. I still enjoy it but find spending from 20 minutes to 2 hours for the blog daily to be a bit too much right now given all the other things I have going on.  

I won't be ending the series but switching it to a weekly series, probably one where I got into much further depth about 1-3 things in that given week.  I hope readers will still continue to tune in and enjoy what I have to offer.  

Take care. Be careful. Be care-filled.  Welcome to stranger days.

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