Stranger Days #20: Some Questions of My Own

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Welcome to stranger days--my blog series exploring daily life, challenges in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and just sharing insights or thoughts about how to make it through these days.  

I published a piece in The Good Men Project today that will also double a bit as my blog post today.  The piece is called "Is Cereal a Soup? (And Other Texts My Friends Get Every Day During the COVID-19 Pandemic)".  The piece gives a bit more context to a post I wrote in this series about two weeks ago about Keeping Things Light.  

The basic premise is that each day, I text friends with a question and that stimulates some conversation between us throughout the day.  As I mentioned in the previous post, I typically go hunting for questions on different sites but of late, I've been starting to create my own questions and thought I would share them here for your own use if you want to connect with folks.  

Questions to Ask People

--You have been granted 3 wishes (and, of course, no wishing for more wishes).  However, the wishes can't be for anything.  They must follow this formula below:
     A wish that you do not benefit in the least (careful--you can't say something like "world peace" or "climate change resolved")
     A wish that is ENTIRELY to your personal benefit and is non-monetary.
     A completely ridiculous wish.

--What do you deserve a degree in that isn't actually a degree?  
--In the "Story Of Your Life", who would be a side-character that gets some attention?
--If you were told you had to create fan-fiction (written, audio, film, etc), what story would you create fanfiction for?
--What advice would your 5-yeard old self give to you, the adult that you are today?  (Careful with this one, people often read it as the adult today giving advice to the 5-year-old).  

What about you?  What might be some interesting questions that you would come up with for folks the find out new things about them?  

Take care. Be careful. Be care-filled.  Welcome to stranger days.

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