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A robot made of amazon boxes stands next to a line of domino tiles that are standing up. The robot has a hand extended to one tile as if to tip it and cause the others to fall.
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I recently was asked to write an article about "the future of education" (yes, you should hear an echo with that and decided to slightly avoid a straight on answer, because I find such pieced challenging for many reasons.  So I went with something a little different with Tricky Interfacing or Tricking Interfaces: Learning How To Navigate the Robot Gatekeepers.  Also, if you are looking for tips and ideas about your career, the Professional Development Collaborative is a great resource to check out in general.

Here is an excerpt:  

"Anticipating the future of professional education is a fun game. It never fails to provide clues that skills training is going to keep evolving in dramatic ways.

So we might have figured out that by 2020 everyone would have a tablet empowered with a personalized learning environment to guide people to new knowledge, skills, and of course, income. If not tablets, then it is definitely going to be Massively Open Online Courses (a.k.a. MOOCs) that would lead people to binge upskill. And people still get excited about earning badges (or micro-credentials), just one of the many forms of gamification out there. And please, don’t get me started on the blockchain.

But what does that mean if one is trying to establish or re-establish a career path? In truth, it means one should look at educational trends with a skeptical eye – especially those that push technological solutions. These usually are driven by companies looking to sell software, hardware, and services as the solution to learning problems that may not even exist."

Read the rest of the article over on the Professional Development Coalition's website.

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