An OER Tipsheet from the Northeast OER Summit

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I recently had the opportunity to attend and "present" at the Northeast OER Summit.  This is its third year running and the first year that I've been able to attend.  I put in a proposal that got accepted called, "Stealing (Sorry, Borrowing) From One Another: An Ideas and Practices Exchange".  It is exactly what the time indicates, thus my preparation for this was limited in that I made sure to have a bucket of questions to ask but was largely going to listen and collect the ideas.

But in the spirit of open educational resources (OER), I wanted to make sure I shared out for everyone there and for those not in attendance some of the great tips and tricks that were shared by everyone.  So for those interested, you can find the NE OER Summit Roundtable Handout here.  It has a Creative Commons license so you are welcome to borrow and adapt to your liking.  I've also enabled the comments feature so please feel free to contribute additional tips or, where need be (and it always need be), find errors that I've made that need fixing.  

It was a two-day event but I could only attend for the first day.  It was filled with such amazing people, having great conversations.  I got to a fair share of conferences each year, often presenting and often engaging with colleagues new and old. They often can be fun and enjoyable but I found this one to be replenishing in a way that others aren't.  

Two things contributed to that.  The first is that they had a compelling Keynote discussion between two wonderful folks, Robin DeRosa and Rajiv Jhangiani, who are leaders in OER but bring a strong critical lens about the work we are doing.  So their conversation and their approach were so great to kick off the conference.  The second piece was that many of the sessions were 25 minutes long.  These were short and quick but useful in terms of getting a taste or starting a conversation.  It also meant I got to see and hear more from different folks.  

Did you attend the Northeast OER Summit this year or in the past?  What did you think?  Have you attended any other conference or professional event that felt replenishing?

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