Review: Pulp

Pulp Pulp by Charles Bukowski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first Bukowski book that I've read and it is fabulous. I've been on a bit of neo-noir of late and this little bundle of pages was fantastic. If you are a fan of noir and hard-boil detectives, but can appreciate a full-on parody, then you need to check this book out. The story follows Nicky Belane, a hard-boiled, cheap-charging, smart-alec detective as he tries to solve several different cases, each of which is more ridiculous than the next. Bukowski is great both at channeling the hard and tight language of the hard-boiled detective novel while simultaneously mocking it for pages on end. It was as funny as it was in holding my attention to keep wondering where the story was headed.

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