Teaching Popular Culture Online and #NEPCA18

As some of you know, I've been teaching a popular culture course online for years now at North Shore Community College.  It started as a face-to-face course back in or around 2009 or so and then transitioned to an online course in Spring, 2012.  Since then, I've only taught it online and have had continually looked to update it and change how I approach it with each passing year. 

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This past spring, I was the recipient of a Course of Distinction award from Massachusetts Colleges Online for my course.  As a result, I had to do a presentation and also video tour of my course.  I figured I'd include them in this post since I'm also discussing my presentation on Saturday, October 20 at the Northeast Popular Culture Association 2018 conference.

I've also been a part of NEPCA for a long while now and will be soon stepping up to be the Executive Secretary of the organization.  In recent years, I took on the Area Chair for Teaching and Popular Culture to use it as a vehicle for scholars to talk about pedagogy and practices around using popular culture in their classrooms.  

The two clearly intersect--the course that I teach and the organization that I participate in both focus on popular culture and my particular interest of teaching popular culture in new and interesting ways for my own and others pedagogical practices.  As a space of engagement, I think pop culture contains infinite opportunities to draw in students for learning as well as a rich place to study and think about the things we are learning.  

As chair of the teaching and popular culture area, I have had the opportunity to witness some great presentations and I've certainly learned and been inspired by my colleagues.  In fact, that's a bit of what encouraged me to do this presentation this time around on teaching a popular culture course online--to help other faculty think about how they might approach it or what they might need to consider when they get it up and running. 

So whether you're interested in seeing how I run the course, looking for ideas about your own course, or are just interested in thinking about what an online popular course would look like, I hope these resources help!

Pop Culture Course Tour Video (8:42 minutes)

Course of Distinction Presentation

Going Online With a Pop Culture Course - NEPCA 2018

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