Review: The Hall of Lost Footsteps

The Hall of Lost Footsteps The Hall of Lost Footsteps by Sara Douglass
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sara Douglass's last book is a collection of short stories that will resonate with any reader of her work. A chunk of the book includes stories and background on the world of Tencendor from her most popular series. It's a nice final piece from the Australian author who was doing some great things with epic fantasy before many others who have risen to fame or before Game of Thrones made everyone else aware of how fascinating epic fantasy is. The other stories in this collection, to no surprise to those familiar with her, take place mostly in medieval times and England. The collection is a quick read, owing much to Douglass's style of prose that never linger and even when pausing to describe things, always seems to capture the moment's essence without inundating the reader. There are some repeated elements (the titular Hall shows up in two stories as do certain names) but each tale has its own appreciative elements. In truth, some of the stories are not likely to hit on the head as much as others for non-Douglass readers but for those of us who have enjoyed her work and want just a little bit more bit, it does satisfy.

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