Now That's What Love Sounds Like Part 2

So for those just tuning in, this is a 4-part series on my love of audiobooks.  You can catch up by checking out Part 1.  

The Sounds in the Stars

Fast-forward a few years.  I’ve found my love for reading.  The slow trickle of new Star Wars books that arrived starting in middle school saw to that and by summer of sophomore year, I fell equally hard for Sara Douglas and her Axis trilogy, opening me to epic fantasy and the mammoth books that would follow.

When I find stories that move me, I want to know all about them.  Hence, I read a serious chunk of the Star Wars materials that came out (and am still getting over the fact that it’s all been erased by Disney).  I loved to get to fully explore a fictional universe, discovering and turning over the many different rocks.  I would eventually do this with the DragonLance series as well and then move onto Asimov’s Robot and Foundation series.  But I love to get all the nuggets and experiences of the universe.  It’s why I devoured so much past and present of the Marvel universe and even today, enjoy the Buffy and Angel comics.
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This love of other universes continued to reflect my own desire to not be in this one.  I needed to be in these places and enjoy in the struggles of protagonists and heroes because I wasn’t able to slay my own demons.  And when I wasn’t lost in a book, movie, comic, or video game, I spent a lot of this time alone, walking or riding my bike down to the library or just literally wandering in the woods nearby.  My Walkman nearly always accompanied me on these treks, playing a mixtape of music that drowned out my own voices.

During one trek to the library, aimlessly exploring, I stumbled upon their audiobooks sections.  I might have been aware of them prior, but this was when I truly discovered what they were.  I got caught in the tractor beam of the Star Wars logo of one of the binders of the book.  What in the galaxy was Star Wars doing here?  What is this?  I approached the book and noticed there were two other audiobooks with the iconic logo.  They happened to be the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn, which I had devoured years ago but here they were as audiobooks.

I checked them out because, well, they were Star Wars and I knew I had to listen to them.  I did.  I was underwhelmed, though not so much that I didn’t copy them onto some of my blank cassettes.  They were what I would soon learn to be called “abridged” and I probably should have known that.  After all, how do you fit 400+ pages onto two 90-minute side cassettes?  Even though they offered nothing new, I was still excited.  I returned to the library to try other audiobooks and would soon discover new and original content in the form of Star Wars: Dark Empire I & II among many other audio delights. I would take these books with me on my treks into the woods, to school, and anywhere else.

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