Getting to Deliver A Talk: The Liberal Arts Lecture

Lance is standing at the front of the room with a large image of the Incredible Hulk and Stan Lee behind him on the screen.
So last month, I got to deliver a lecture at North Shore Community College as part of their Liberal Arts Lecture series. It was really a great time in preparing, practicing and executing it.   Besides professional presentations at conferences where I'm more presenting for a short period of time 15-20 minutes or focused on a particular tool/practice, this was something entirely different; a means of discussing the intersection of several different interests of mine to an audience who were hearing them for the first time.  

And it went reasonably well.  I've watched snippets of the talk and I have been doing these things long enough to be able to critique myself but also appreciate the things I did right or reasonably well.  

Obviously, you may have already watched/read the truncated version that I did as part of The Weekly Pop series but I would encourage you to take a watch (if not all, then at least a few minutes) to see what is like to deliver it in front of a live audience.  I mean my jokes weren't as funny as when I gave my go at doing stand-up (though those weren't that great either), but at times, I feel as if I hit a good rhythm and dynamic in the lecture.  

You can watch the video below or check it out on YouTube.  Either way, be sure to swing back here and let me know what you think.  

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