Of Vampires and Hulks: The Liberal Arts Lecture

Today, I deliver the Liberal Arts Lecture at North Shore Community College.  In the tradition of my work in openness and open access as well as in the theme of the lecture, I am making the slide deck and the script for readers here.  I will turn this into a video at a later point but for now, you can enjoy taking a look at what I've created.

I'm uber-excited about this as the topic, the event, and the location are all near and dear to my heart.  Thus, the opportunity to talk about a topic I'm passionate about in a field (liberal arts) that I treasure in a place that I love (North Shore Community College)--well, it's an immeasurable honor.  

The subject matter has been swirling in my head for years and so the opportunity to put it together in this format and share it with colleagues, friends, family, and community means a lot fo me.  I hope you enjoy it (if you attend or watch it at a later date) and let me know what you took from it.  

Slide deck title page.

For those interested in checking out the full slide deck and the script, you can find them here in this Google folder.

For those that weren't able to make it.  I'll be sharing the link of the video (Lynn Public Access recorded it).  Also, I'll be breaking it up into a few episodes of my video series, The Weekly Pop, which you can subscribe to on my YouTube Channel

And for those that are just joining me now for the first time (mayhaps were at the presentation), if you like the presentation or found it fascinating, I would encourage you to sign up for this blog where I regularly cover similar content in addition to popular culture in general, books, comics, teaching, learning and a bunch of other things.  

If you are here as a result of the presentation or checked out the script, please share your thoughts and questions.  I'd love to hear what you thought.  

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