Upcycling Courses: Supporting Faculty with Open Pedagogy

So it's presentation season and I had the first of many workshops that I'm participating in over the next few months.  The workshop as a whole was about open educational resource (OER), a topic we know is near to my heart.  My session with that was focused on how to help faculty think about and adapt their efforts to use open pedagogy.  

Title slide to the presentation.

Open pedagogy is an approach to teaching that looks at what students do in the classroom and considers how assignments can be not only more meaningful to students but have a longer lifespan than the course itself.  Rather than work that is largely discarded at the end of the semester, the instructor crafts activities and assignments that help the students build or augment materials and resources that others will also be able to build off from or augment.  

I'm a big fan of this approach as I think it not only makes students learning from and contributing to other students' learning but it encourages students to be more active in their learning and in thinking about going into the world to do things.  So that's the gist of it.  The slidedeck is below--feel free to enjoy it and use it if you find it useful.

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