Rescheduled: Liberal Arts Lecture

As I mentioned previously, I have been selected to deliver the Liberal Arts Lecture at North Shore Community College--and I'm very excited.  Unfortunately, the original date got snowed out but it has been rescheduled and I thought I'd let everyone know.  

The new date is Monday, April 9 at 9:30am to 10:45am at the Danvers Campus (1 Ferncroft Road, Danvers, MA) in the Math & Sciences Building, Room 119, I will be delivering the Liberal Arts Lecture at North Shore Community College.  This is a great event that NSCC has been doing for a few years now as a means of exploring how the study of the Liberal Arts is valuable and meaningful in modern culture and society.  My lecture description is below and I hope you will be able to join me.  I will be creating some videos around it afterward for those that can't.  I believe this will be a fascinating journey into areas both monstrous and mundane!
A map of the Danvers Campus of North Shore Community College

For those that haven't been to the Danvers Campus, I'm including a map.  If you use the entrance indicated, walk to the far corner of the cafeteria from where you entered, past the bookstore on your left, and the staircase on your right and MS119 should be right in front of you.

Here is the description of the content of the lecture (but I promise, it will be way more interesting than just a talk on copyright!).

Vampires Get You Famous, But The Hulk Will Get You Sued: The Intersections of Creativity, Censorship, Copyright and the Commons

Why are there so many zombies and vampire movies? Where did Steampunk come from?  Why does it seem like everything eventually is adapted?  Why has Disney invested so much in fictional universes such as Star Wars and the Marvel Comics? Why does writing fanfiction come with the chance of being sued?  While some of these questions stem from the modern world of copyright and censorship, they are also steeped in the tradition and history of human cultures and their desire to tell and revisit stories.  This presentation explores storytelling through the lens of creativity, copyright, censorship, and the cultural commons to better develop a critical eye and an appreciation for what it means to engage in storytelling in the 21st century.

***I definitely recommend arriving early than 9:30am as you may need to find parking.

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