Ugh, group work: Restructuring Group Work & Projects in the Online Course

A snapshot of the first slide of the presentation.
So yesterday, I had the opportunity to do another fun presentation.  This time, I was presenting on thinking about group work, particularly in online courses.  It's something I work with faculty a lot on and NERCOMP was looking for someone to do a webinar, so I threw out the subject.  It wasn't my first time presenting or doing a webinar on it since I was asked to do one internally at Brandeis back in September. 

I always enjoy webinars and getting an opportunity to share and chat with other colleagues throughout New England, but webinars can be weird since you often don't see the others in the room and you are literally just talking at your screen for long stretches of time.  I particularly like NERCOMP because they are a great community of faculty, staff, and administrators from throughout New England at many different institutions. 

For those interested in this topic, you are welcome to check out the resources.  There's just two: the presentation and a handy-dandy guide to group projects.  You can also check out the slide-deck below!

If you attended the workshop or review the resources, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts or if you have questions!

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