Making Sure Everyone Gets Pi! A Presentation on #OER

A colleague from North Shore Community College contacted me in November about the possibility of presenting on Open Educational Resources at Bunker Hill Community College in January.  I happily accepted and was honored that this colleague thought to reach out to me to help her and her colleagues think about OER.  Bunker Hill Community College is in the midst of launching an OER Initiative that is part of the Achieving the Dream Grant on OER that looks to create degrees that have courses that use entirely OER.  

Before talking about the presentation, new visitors to the blog (of which, there has been a significant amount in the last 3 months),  allow me just to highlight some of the ways I've discussed "open" on the blog.  Regulars, feel free to skip ahead!  This is by far not my first post to talk about my interest in openness.  I recently presented on open pedagogy at the NEFDC; I've reviewed the occasional book on OER, I've discussed the issues about textbooks, and I even experimented with publishing a book using Creative Commons licensing.   Additionally, I've written other pieces about open access research and also have made a series of materials that I published first here, open on the web for others to use.  My dissertation in progress currently has a strong focus on open access research (which inevitably plays a part in open educational resources).
A screen shot of the first slide of the presentation.

Clearly, it's a topic that I'm excited about!  I decided for this presentation that I would got a bit further with some of the tools and use PollEverywhere for a different type of interaction than I usually do.  I like presentations to be more workshop in their approach with as much doing as there is me sharing and asking questions.  Unfortunately, the time allotted for this event coupled with the size of the group left me unable to do as much as possible.   That being said, I like the questions I came up with and anticipate a good session.  While I've talked and presented about OER many times by this point, this is the first that I've done so to a very specific group, that is, a particular department: Math.  So I'll be interested in the fine-tuning that I did, how it may help them and also help me figure out what I need to adjust for in the future.  Also, I have to admit, I loved that I could pun in the title.  I wanted to do something about pi and I finally got it after my partner and I spitballed it back and forth.  

If you are interested in the presentation materials, you can check them out here as I've made them available to everyone (and those materials that I've created, included a CreativeCommons License).  You can also check out the presentation, below:

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