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Sex and Spirit Sex and Spirit by John Selby
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Note: This review was originally written in the early 2000s and published for a no longer running website: AudiobookCafe. This review is focused on both the book and audiobook. Surprisingly, “Sex and Spirit” by John Gray and John Selby proves to be a much better audiobook than “Mars and Venus in the Bedroom.” If Gray had used this book as the basis for his “Mars and Venus” book, it would have been an entirely different and much more fulfilling audiobook. This very introspective audiobook allows the listener to deeply contemplate their sexual actions and experiences in the bedroom.

Preempted by a gently voiced introduction from John Gray, the audiobook consists of four guided meditations accompanied with an addition CD of music to help listeners meditate without spoken-word guidance. Each meditation deals with a separate issue, but serves as a great prelude to the next mediation. The four meditations include “Transcending Sexual Worries,” “Healing Old Heartbreaks,” “Surrendering to Passion,” and “Embracing Sexual Union.” These meditations allow the listener to discover or rediscover many answers to their hang-ups about sex without consulting a therapist. The authors encourage listeners to take a long deep look at one’s sexual past, about prior relationships, fears, and insecurities.

Gray and Selby’s method of exploring your own sexual identity will vastly improve the quality of one’s sex life whether in a monogamous relationship or even just dating. Rather than passing the buck or just not understanding that our psyche creates inhibitions in regards to sex, Gray and Selby allow the listener to break down some of those barriers and find ways of better appreciating their own sexual vitality, thereby increasing the quality of their sex lives.

John Gray does the introduction and discussions on the themes of each meditation. He reads these with a gentle ease that warms listeners up to meditation. John Selby runs the guided meditation with a soft musical background allowing the listener to fully relax and follow the guide’s instructions. Selby’s voice is fantastically soothing and manages to loosen up listeners almost immediately.

Ultimately, this audiobook advocates stopping the sex race, appreciating the present and enjoying the individual moments within sex. This lesson can make a world of difference in your sexual experience. This audiobook is highly recommended for anyone who participates in any kind of sexual activity—but particularly those who clearly have inhibitions and mixed emotions when it comes to taking part in the act.

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