Goals Check-In 2017: 9 Month Mark

So I ended up skipping July's check in because I was so busy that trying to write about my goals was near impossible.  I fell off my schedule nearly entirely for blogging because things were that busy.  Thank goodness for canned posts that could go out automatically.   The last 3 months have including a 3-week writing intensive workshop for my doctoral program, the start of a new job for me, the start of a new job for my partner, and a move.  So, it's kept me way more busy than I anticipated, but now that we're through it, we're thoroughly happy where we are. 

Complete a Triathlon

For this year, I think I'll need to put this goal aside.  I may still try to do one but with so much going on, this goal seems a bit removed until I can get back into a regime of swimming.  I am definitely still running a lot and biking more (my new home and job are connected by a bike path) but it doesn't seem like the right time this year.    

15000 a day

As of this writing today, I have walked 15,000 steps for 235 days in a row.  I've crossed the half-way mark and figure it should be easy to get to the finish line on this one.     


15 more pounds

With the stress and busy-ness of June/July, I'm just getting back in the swing, but I'm down five pounds so the finish line is viewable, I just need to stay on target.  I think the new place that I'm living is encouraging a lot more physical activity, which is good, I just have to avoid overindulgence (which is always my challenge).  

Stay on Target for Running

The running has been consistent.  No strains or injuries.  I've had some really good runs including a new PR for 10K (52 minutes and some change).  The week that I'm writing this, I made it a goal to run to work and back every day (for a total of 55 miles) and it's been going quick well.  I'm getting used to running with a backpack and with some weight in it.  I'm pretty sure I'll hit the 1000 mile mark this year if not the 1200.  It also helps that my new place has a fitness facility so I can workout whenever I want.    

Complete the Book

I'm back on track with this one.  I won't finish this year but I will shortly in the new year.  

Less Mindlessness

This comes and goes with my time-crunches and sometimes seems to happen more the more time-crunch I get.  Whether it's intentional distraction or just needing space from what I'm doing, remains to be seen.  But I think having to check in on this through these check-ins helps to remind me to reduce the mindless scroll. 

Focus on the Breath

Yet again, another one that comes and goes.  I think for next year, I'll need to reconfigure this one and the next one to be more specific.  It's too vague making it hard to execute whereas the 15,000 step goal is clear and specific.     

Figure Out My Dissertation

If you want to find out where I am with my dissertation, you can check out my latest dissertation journaling post.  I haven't updated yet but will soon.  My dissertation direction is pretty well set and I'm starting down my path with some good encouragement and advice from my advisors.  

More Politically Active

The moving and new job made this really hard to enact but now that I'm settled in, I'm becoming familiar with the different political groups in my area to figure out which one is best suited for me to join.  So I'll hopefully have more news on that in the future.  

Those are all the updates for now.  How are you doing with your monthly, yearly, life goals?  What challenges are you running into? 

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