Goals Check-In 2017 - 2 Months In

March 1 marks the 2-month point into the year and rather than wait until next year to think about my progress (or digress?) from my yearly goals, I thought I'd take a gander at where I am today.  I put forward a good amount of goals for 2017 and well, I'm middle of the ground on progress on some of them and others, not as much.  2016 was a decent year in goal-setting and achieving and I'm hoping this year I will be able to do better. So let's do the run down:  

Word cloud of 2017.
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Complete a Triathlon

Ok, this goal hasn't been met and I haven't been swimming as much but now that I'm back into the rhythm of the semester and over a recent cold, I will be back on track with this, hopefully.  Ideally, the triathlon will be completed during the summer, so I've got some time on this.  

15000 a day

I deserve a gold star for this one.  Despite the busy schedule and getting a cold, I've hit 15,000 steps every day thus far for 2017.  

15 more pounds

Progress is in the making.  I'm down five pounds, so ten pounds to go.  That's not too bad considering the aforementioned cold that knocked me out for 3 weeks and January/February having its fair share of temptations.  

Stay on Target for Running

I was doing steady with my running until the cold and then largely avoided it for 3 weeks.  I'm back on the treadmill and feel I'll be back up to speed soon.  Beyond that, I need to determine which races I want to sign up for in the ensuing year.  

Complete the Book

Ok, chapters are getting done (1.5 to be specific), so progress is in the making.  I'm hoping to be done with chapter 2 soon and then only the next.  

Less Mindlessness

We'll call this one a work in progress.  I've been more away mindless scrolling on Facebook and eating.  But this is also a skill that will forever need tweaking and developing, so I feel like as long as I can keep bringing my attention back to the moment, I should be fine.

Focus on the Breath

I'm getting better at this one but like the mindlessness, I have some distance to come and know it's a longer journey; not a destination.  I can do it with the bigger things and when it's clear that I've gone past the moment of agitation into frustration.  But I'd like to bring it forward more to bear when I hit agitation and circumvent moving into frustration.  It's not that I am avoiding frustration but at times, the things causing frustration are not necessarily worth getting frustrated over or I could better use my energy in other capacities.  I want to be more aware of my agitation and examine what's underpinning it.  So, I need to take some more breaths.  

Figure Out My Dissertation

This one seems to be on target.  I had a brain-blast in January and have written about it here.  I feel like this could be the direction that works best for me and pulls together the different aspects of my interest.  We'll see if it lasts past the next year of work on it.  

More Politically Active

This is the tough one.  Time is limited with work and the program, but I have done a mixture of letter writing, calling, attending rallies or town halls, and other activities.  I want to have a more focused lens on this but am not sure I can do so until other things fall into place and I am not in constant doctoral mode, but I feel like I'm at least heading in the right direction.

So that's the goals and my progress.  It feels like I'm in the right place with things.  What about the rest of you?  Any New Year's Resolutions or goals that you're working towards?  What kind of progress (or otherwise) are you making towards them?  What do you feel needs to be in place to achieve them?

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