The 4 Fairy Corners of Massachusetts

Sometimes, we do things that even surprise ourselves.  We take what we think is a good idea and execute it, only to find out that it is indeed, a fabulous idea and realize, it is definitely worth sharing.  That, my friends, is what this blog post is all about.

So my partner and I have two anniversaries around our marriage.  When we signed the formal papers and when we had a ceremony.  We know other couples who have done this for various reasons and it's just how it worked out with us.  Somehow, we have decided that I plan something special around one anniversary and she plans the other.  This past May, I executed my surprise weekend and it went pretty well even with several last minute adjustments.  Actually, we had an amazing time.  So, if you're looking for something to do for a weekend in Massachusetts, pay close attention.

It all started in late February or March when I came across an article:  Fascinating Places In Massachusetts That Are Straight Out Of A Fairytale.  I flipped through the article and found that there were some very cool places in Massachusetts.  I had been to a few of them but all of them seemed pretty cool.  Out of curiosity, I plotted them on good ole Google Maps to figure out exactly how it most effectively hit them all.  Once I did that, I saw that it literally took you to every corner of Massachusetts and well into the ocean for that matter.  Instantly, I knew that I was onto something.
Fairy Tale Massachusetts Itinerary Day 1
Itinerary Day 1

Once I figured out this would make for a great road trip, I just had to figure out the logistics such as how many to hit in one day, where to plan for a place to stay over, and how to make sure it was a good mixture of riding and exploring.  I got everything worked out and even developed an itinerary.  Feel free to peruse, borrow, and adapt for your own adventures.  If you do try this, come back and let me know.  I'd be curious what you did or augmented.
Fairy Tale Massachusetts Itinerary Day 2
Itinerary Day 2

We ran into a few snags that I didn't quite prepare for, but we were ok with.  For instance, the Santarella Gingerbread House and the Ashintully Gardens are not generally open to the public and one needs to make an appointment or visit during their limited hours.  We got to look from afar but not explore these.  Also, on the final day, it was raining so we skipped the Garden in the Woods.  We also adapted on the fly, deciding to visit my partner's grandmother and take her out to ice cream as we made our way from BishBash Falls to Sandwich.  And since it was raining on the final morning, we decided to go to breakfast with my partner's family since it was on the way home.
Fairy Tale Massachusetts Itinerary Day 3
Itinerary Day 3

Those adaptations aside, this trip was a lot of fun and though it was something I did as an anniversary with my partner, it really is a great trip for anyone to take.  Most of the places are free or cheap and are just fascinating places to explore.  I've included some of the photos from our trip in the slide-show below.  

Visiting Fairy Places in Massachusetts

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