May's Gratitude

We round the corner on five months of acknowledging gratitude and taking the time to give thanks to people.   It continues to be a rewarding experience that grounds me daily in the big and the small things of my life.  This past month, I have taken to my gratitude letters that I have also been doing for several months to a new level.  I'm actually writing them out and mailing them.  Ok, I'm typing them up first and then writing them out (The goal in that is to minimize the number of scribbles and mistakes--which is about 2-3 per card, even when I type it out first).  I do like the process of writing out the gratitude notes, even if I fear that the recipients will not be less able to actually read my words.  I'll risk it.  It also makes me wonder if I should at some point trying handwriting out my daily gratitude (make an actual gratitude journal).  
Word cloud in the shape of the word "LOVE" of things I'm grateful for.

I liked how the word-cloud played out this month with each letter of the word "love" having a significantly large word that resonates well with the project ("grateful" in L, "life" and "friends" in O, "appreciate" in V, and "thankful" in E).  I was curious to see how the word cloud would display as the word "Love" and it seemed to capture the essence of my thoughts perfectly.  

I don't know that I have much more to say in this post.  My brain is not so much running on empty as it is preoccupied with other deeper questions going on right now relating to other life issues (nothing bad--just sorting myself out).  

Previous month's reflections:

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