Review: David Foster Wallace: In His Own Words

David Foster Wallace: In His Own Words David Foster Wallace: In His Own Words by David Foster Wallace
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I've never read much of David Foster Wallace, so when I was given this as an audiobook to review, I was a bit curious because I had heard plenty about him and have several literary friends who big fans of his. This collection of essays and interviews was a great introduction to his work. I listened to the audiobook, which had the added benefit of having him narrate all of the works himself (or fully recorded interviews). My favorite was "This Is The Water," which I have incorporated into my American Literature course as well as "Consider the Lobster." However, many of the pieces were quite fascinating, especially to hear him discuss the significant of Infinite Jest as well as his commentary on suicide given how he died. Having never read his fiction, I'm not rather inspired to which speaks well to this collection of essays.

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