Review: A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd
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The less serious pick of the month is one that I'm betting most people did not even know was a book first. Most people know A Christmas Story for the classic 1983 film that many of us relish watching around the holidays. Some may even know that it's a musical now too. But most, never knew it was a book first.

I really enjoyed the book. It's a collection of short stories rather than one singular text like the film and it's easy to see how they turned it into a film so seamlessly. It's not a case of the book is better, though I wouldn't say the film is better either. They each do things that the others cannot and compliment one another quite well. The only significant different between the two ends up being the time of the stories. In the film, the story is situated in the 1950s, while in the book, the stories are situated in the 1930s. Otherwise, they capture the epic adventure that is childhood quite well.

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