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Hyde Hyde by Daniel Levine
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I've always been fascinated by the Jekyll/Hyde dynamic and since reading the original novella several years ago, I am increasingly fascinated by all things related. I loved the BBC version of Jekyll with James Nesbitt and enjoyed both the movie and novel by Valerie Martin of Mary Reilly. I've seen lots of versions of Jekyll and Hyde and my favorite still remains to be the 1932 version with Frederic March. Hyde now gets added to that list of favorite renderings of Jekyll and Hyde that I've read or viewed over the years. It's a well-told tale that provides some fascinating layers to the Jekyll and Hyde dynamic while offering the point of view of Hyde which is so often neglected or rarely humanized in the ways that Levine does. Levine raises some fascinating questions about Jekyll that I appreciate since they are ones I often raised when I have taught the text within a class. Additionally, Levine has clearly studied Stevenson's tale to make sure everything fits and there are no cracks. He aligns everything with the novella's events which allow for a seamless narrative that even the biggest fanboy would have trouble finding fault with.

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