My Favorite Photos of 2015's 365 Project

So I took a couple hundred photos this year.  Some of them were silly, some were gorgeous, some were weird, and some were irrelevant.  But they all were fun to take and to contemplate.  I know I didn't make it the full 365 photo reflections this year and I had to shift to just loading up posts as I could rather than restricting myself to a photo taken in that given day.  Such is what happens when you are engrossed in so many different projects.  Things change and I'm ok with that!

But in looking over the last year, I'm happy that I got to take all of the photos that I have and I'm particularly happy with the lot in this collection.  You can certainly see all of the selections by going over to Flickr or you can scroll through the individual blog posts here.

But enjoy them here and please let me know which photos were your favorite!

Favorite Photos of the 365 Photo Project

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