Photo Reflection of the Day #266: Car Wash

Car Wash - 20151219_085534

What Is It

An old sign for a still-active car wash in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Why It's today's Pick

If this sign doesn't scream retro sign, I don't know what does.  I've passed this sign hundreds of times over the years and just happen to be walking by it and decided it was photo-worthy.  I took it, mostly because I double that it will stay up much longer--maybe a few more years, but with the yellow paint coming off, the clear ruse, and I'm doubtful it's been a while since any of those lightbulbs actually worked.  It is also strange to have the lightbulbs because the car wash is usually open only during the day and daylight hours, thus to illuminate the sign when it is closed never seemed like a great idea.  Beyond that, the rusted poles tell me that it's lifespan is quickly coming to an end.

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