Photo Reflection of the Day #263: Do You Want Fries With That Railing?

Do You Want Fries With That Railing? 20151215_125500

What Is It

A receipt randomly taped to a railing in a stairway.

Why It's today's Pick

Some photos jump out at you.  In this case, a Burger King receipt taped to a railing in a hallway at the college caught my eye.  It seemed the most random place to appear given that a Burger King is at about a half mile away and this particular staircase is half-way into the building.  I would have expected it near the entrance, but on the second-floor landing in the middle of the college seems like   a strange place for such a receipt to show up.  However, I also liked the randomness of it and it's place upon the railing--not on the floor or the wall, but somewhere it could not be ignored; rather some place that people had to interact with it.  That is, it was a clear placing and I wonder what the person thought as he or she did it.  Was it to amuse or to pester?  Was it a sign of frustration or a sign of disregard? 

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