Photo Reflection of the Day #258: Who Is Harry?

Who Is Harry? 20151211_073936

What Is It

A brick wall with a window gap and the name "Harry" written above it.  

Why It's today's Pick

This scene begs a lot of questions.  Why write that name up there?  How did they get up there?  Why has the name not been taken down (is it written in chalk or painted--it's hard to tell)?  Who is Harry?  Is this a Harry Potter reference?  However, among the brick walls found throughout the University of Massachusetts' Boston campus, it seems to be one of the few examples of graffiti and it is strange in its presence.  I doubt that it hasn't gone unnoticed, but it has been there for over six months (at least that I've known of) and it still lingers.  I wonder if there would be a stronger response if the name were different.  Would that garner and energize campus attention?  If it were a less Anglo-Saxon name or a swear? 

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