Photo Reflection of the Day #254: The Doorway to Your...

The Doorway to Your...20151210_134553

What Is It

The broad wooden doorway to a church.

Why It's today's Pick

Doorways are fascinating things.  For anyone who has ready a good deal of science-fiction and fantasy (or horror for that matter), a doorway can represent a passage to some place new and far away.  But the doorway itself is a fascinating marker of being in and out of a place.  I can stand next to the door, touch the door, or lean against it, but I still have not passed through the door and still sit outside.  This doorway with its broad wooden doors is a pretty demarcation of here and there and the glasswork above the pass is equally appealing.  Yet I am surprised as I expected the glasswork to be stained glass or at least fogged glass.

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