Photo Reflection of the Day #253: Rusted Roots?

Rusted Roots? 20151210_130919

What Is It

A pile of pipes on the side of the road.  

Why It's today's Pick

From a distance, this pile looked like a pile of tree trunks that had been stripped of bark with chunks of dirt clinging to them.  However, when I approached the pile, I realized they were pipes that had been dug out of the ground (there's some construction going on nearby.  This made the pile even more fascinating and I like the idea of snapping a photo even more.  They make for interesting viewing and I could have spent ten minutes just exploring the unique attributes of each pipe, wondering how they became what they became.  What allowed for some to accumulate more detritus than others and how do you account for the different shapes on them?  Or is it just a matter of they were pulled out of the mud or dirt  and this is solely what stuck when they were tossed aside?  I also wonder what will become of this pile.  Will it be left here indefinitely or carted off to some heap with other possible "junk" or do they plan to do something with them such as clean them off and melt them down for the raw materials?

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